Vondechii's Vault Elements

Vondechii's Vault is an inclusive online social support group & networking community that aims to redefine spiritual health and the art of healing by blending public health information, holistic health and witchy wellness! 


Our current goal is to provide a unique platform of witchy knowledge and innovative public health solutions that will redefine our health decision making processes, including how we view our health and how we heal ourselves.



1. Vendors at market, conferences, art exhibits, trade shows, fairs health expos, conventions and community events.


2. Public speaking in health panels, conducting public health and health wellness workshops.

3. Free membership that allows our subscribers to to engage in public forums and create their own content, for free.

4. Free access to public health articles and videos including community health, epidemiology, environmental science, social and behavioral science and holistic health.

5. Free access to witchy wellness articles and videos.

6. Free access to nutritious food tutorials and delicious recipes.


7. Opportunity to network and collaborate within an inclusive online social support group for witches, black feminists, vendors,  visionaries, creatives, entrepreneurs, producers and health professionals for free.

8. Opportunities to collaborate with Vondechii’s Vault CEO in upcoming events (please fill out contact page).


Vondechii's Vault: 

A Wicked Concoction of Witchy Wellness, Public Health and Black Girl Magic

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