About Vondechii's Vault 

 Working in the non-profit organization industry, with various community organizations and contracted program providers to develop and implement nutrition instruction, gardening instruction, health-wellness curriculums and social support groups, I decided to create my own public wellness platform. Vondechii's Vault is a platform that provides accessibility to wellness information and products. 


As the CEO of Vondechii's Vault, I speak publicly at wellness conferences, health expos, health fairs, health panels and conduct a series of workshops. Vondechii's Vault also includes a line of White Sage Bundles, Palo Santo Sticks, Scented Buddha Shaped Candles, Scented Crystal Shaped Candles, Scented Honeycomb Shaped Candles, and Healing Crystals.

Event Photos

Public Health Wellness &  Nutrition Workshop Photos