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Working in the non-profit organization industry, I speak publicly at wellness conferences, health expos, health fairs, health panels and conduct a series of public health workshops with various community organizations and contracted program providers to develop and implement nutrition instruction, gardening instruction, health-wellness curriculums and social support groups. 


I have graduated from Brooklyn College with my Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Nutrition Sciences and have recently attained my Advanced Certificate from the CUNY School of Public Health. I am currently working on my Masters of Public Health, with a concentration in community health and social sciences. 


As MPH graduate student, I am an ever-growing health professional, continuously learning, researching and studying the vast field of public health. I constantly come across interesting information pertaining to public health and other aspects of health. My aptitude for public health and health wellness propelled me to create my own public wellness platform to share cultural points, literature, art and the public health information I come across.

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Public Health Wellness &  Nutrition Workshop Photos


Vondechii's Vault: 

A Wicked Concoction of Witchy Wellness, Public Health and Black Girl Magic

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