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About Us

Vondechii's Vault is a multi-media platform producing documentaries, infographics and published articles that ultimately provide accurate information to viewers in multiple languages.


We also host a free online community group that allows members to comment, share and engage with our informative articles, infographics and videos that are focused on different aspects of public health including spiritual health, environmental health, reproductive health and mental health.

Through our retail store, we offer a mix of culturally based products, such as lunar calendars, White Sage, Palo Santo, candles, elegant handmade bags, jewelry, home décor art, decorative accessories and healing crystals.

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Dropper Bottle


Our mission is to redefine our health decision-making processes; including how we view our health and how we heal ourselves.


Our cultural competence guides us in promoting automated lifestyle interventions to our consumers with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors- taking into account their social, cultural, and linguistic needs. 


Our vision is to provide customers with information, resources and referrals that will help them to better understand their own physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. 

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