Welcome to Vondechii’s Vault, A Wicked Concoction of Witchy Wellness, Public Health and Black Girl Magic!

 Via cultural points, literature, art and the public health information, Vondechii's Vault is an inclusive online social support community that aims to redefine spiritual health and the art of healing by blending public health information, holistic health and witchy wellness! 


Our current goal is to provide a unique platform of witchy knowledge and innovative public health solutions.


 Our mission is to redefine our health decision making processes, including how we view our health and how we heal ourselves.

Witches have been marginalized and stigmatized as taboo. Since social norms have begun to shift around the way we approach our physical and spiritual well-being, traces of ‘witchcraft’ are becoming more evident, as we de-stigmatize how its woven through the history of science and   medicine.


As a method of exuding my affinity for ancestral spirituality, Afrocentrism, Afro-Feminism and Afrofuturism, Vondechii’s Vault came to creation.


Alongside being a luxury brand,  Vondechii's Vault is a wicked concoction of witchy wellness, public health and black girl magic. 

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