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South American Caravan - Why Do People Really Migrate?

Although many of us received citizenship through birth, it doesn’t mean that we are more ‘American’ than immigrants with an American citizenship. The only people that can claim true 100% American lineage are persons with Native American lineage or if they themselves are Native American. The United States of America is a country made of up of different generations of immigrants who migrated from all over the world in pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

More than 7,000 Central American migrants have arrived at the US-Mexico border after crossing Mexico and parts of Central America. Those people are migrating due to the life-threatening circumstances they are facing in their country. The countries that these migrants are fleeing from, don’t have the adequate resources needed to provide basic needs such as security, access to healthy food and/or clean water (which leads to unsurmountable amount of stress and malevolent health outcomes), secure public education (increasing poverty) and public safety (leading to increased violence).

According to a BBC article, “They [the migrants] say they are fleeing persecution, poverty and violence in their home countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Many of them say their goal is to settle in the US despite warnings by US officials that anyone found entering the country illegally will face arrest, prosecution and deportation." As the President of the United States, a country of immigrants, President Trump shouldn’t call the migrant caravan as "an invasion" , as he already has. America’s president along with the American people should not only resist the influx of these migrants who are seeking asylum in America.



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