Clean Cookstoves - A Benevolence to the Reduction of our Global Carbon Footprint

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I have never used a cook stove before. I have only used gas stoves in my life and I believe that’s due to the fact that I have only began cooking after 2009 in a first world country, where electricity is accessible. Different types of wood, dung, crop residues, charcoal were being used as fuel in cookstoves, which slowly began phasing out during the mid-20th century in the US.

I believe that Clean Cookstoves is a genius strategy to tackle on health and environmental issues on a global level. These new cookstoves require resources needed to be run at an organization outside of government such as cleaner fuels, such as liquid petroleum gas or ethanol or electricity which may not be easily available in a rural west African village raise resources.

The essential feature that makes these cookstoves burn cleaner are the fact that these advanced biomass stoves have fans on them that blows air onto where the fire is. This air, this mixture of oxygen leads to better combustion, drastically reducing the amount of produced.


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