Lead-Based Paint Poisoning

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Many housing units in North Eastern States and North Central United States were coated with lead-based paint.

The Lead-Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Act of 1971 helped reduce the incidence of acute lead-based paint poisoning, specifically in urban areas. However, in suburban areas many aren’t as well informed about lead and don’t know if they’re exposed to or what their lead poisoning risks are.

“Families renovating old homes have often been unaware that the risk of lead poisoning pertained to them.” Middle-class and Upper-class families renovating their homes was the activity that generated the poisoning.

A family was reportedly exposed to lead dust and lead fumes during renovation of their Victorian farm house in rural upstate New York in late June 1987. Their farm house consisted of solid wooden floors, wooden moldings, and door frames that had been covered with multiple coats of lead-based paint. The walls had been covered with multiple coats of lead-based paint and wall paper.

During mid-October, one of their pet dogs, a 10 year old mixed breed dog labeled as “Dog I” began "shaking and twisting”. This particular dog was seen licking the old, dusty coat of one of the renovation workers who sanded old paint during the renovation.

Lead dusts can invade all areas of a home, making the cleaning process very difficult and producing continued exposure. Also, the resulting chips may be eaten by small children and animals. The mother began feeling ill during November, due to (her and her un-born baby) absorbing lead fumes in her home as it was being renovated. Her daughter complained of stomach aches and had severe nausea, which leads me to believe that she was already poisoned but her condition was worsening. The children's baby-sitter, a 24-year old woman who cared for the children in their home, was found with levels of lead in her blood.

It doesn't matter if you live in the suburbs or in an urban environment, lead based paint is very dangerous and the public should be educated about lead paint poisoning, not only when they’re exposed to it.

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