Wind Turbines

Wind turbines can appear interesting to some, while others view them as intrusive. Many people view Wind turbines an aesthetic issue such as a noise pollutant (noise from the turbines) and/or a visual pollutant (because it can “flicker” which can be visually disturbing).

Critics say wind turbines can affect any individual’s health (example: sleep disturbances) and is an ecological issue/stressor that may leave a segment of the population annoyed/stressed.

Personally, if I had a problem with the noise pollution I would have to move or get acclimated to the environment (by using headphones). I wouldn’t complain about them because at least there is a benevolent purpose behind Wind Turbines, to generate clean energy.


1. Knopper LD, Ollson CA. Health effects and wind turbines: a review of the literature. Environ Health. 2011;10:78. Published 2011 Sep 14. doi:10.1186/1476-069X-10-78

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