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A Capital Project Idea for District 15, in the Bronx

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

One of the five poorest districts in the United States is District 15 (3), New York City’s 15th District in the Bronx consists of Bedford Park, Fordham, Mount Hope, Bathgate, Belmont, East Tremont, West Farms, Van Nest, Allerton, and Olinville. (1) In the United States House of Representatives, this Congressional District is represented by elected Democrat Congressional Member Democrat Jose E. Serrano (6). In the City of New York, this district is represented by Democrat City Council Member Ritchie J. Torres. (6).

The capital project should address increasing the quality of health services in this district through better access to medical care and community services. This can be achieved through allocating the capital project amount to new services through expense budgeting and capital grants. The 15th District’s Budget is divided into the Revenue Budget, the Expense Budget, and the Capital Budget. The Revenue Budget generates income taxes from 271, 697 households with an average median income of $28,042. (2) The Expense Budget tracks costs associated with running the district. (2) The Capital Budget covers longer term investments. (2) The capital project should allocate significantly more resources to Medical Organizations included in the the Expense Budget:

  1. St. Barnabas Hospital - Amount: $5K - Source: Local (6)

  2. Presbyterian Senior Services - Amount: $10K - Source: Aging (6)

  3. Community Health Project - Amount: $5K - Source: Local (6)

  4. Department of Health + Mental Hygiene: $15K - Source: Local (6)

Including increased funds from the capital project allotment will allow these organizations to dramatically increase services to the community and facilitate access. The rate of women who gave birth during this past year (6.3%) is 20% higher than the rate in the US which is 5.2% (2). Current capital projects aren’t focused on medical services, but rather in other areas such as library centers and replanting trees. Granted there are 13 federally-funded Health Center organizations with receiving $48,966,059 in federal investments, but it only serves 646,862 patients. (5) Making these medical institutions more accessible to people, seems to be the imminent issue, especially with 36.2% of people living in poverty in district 15 and 9.4% of the district’s population -under the age of 65- is without health insurance. (2)


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