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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Obba is the orisha of marriage and personal transformation. She was Chango's legitimate wife who was shunned after trying to ensnare Chango with witchcraft. Oba cut off her ear to serve to her husband Shango as food, because one of her co-wives, either Oya or Oshun, has convinced her this will secure Shango's attention (there are a few variations: in Cuba some believe it was Oya, rather than Oshun, who tricks Oba).

Once Shango sees the ear and realizes Oba has mutilated herself, he chases her from his house and into permanent exile. She fled to the cemetery and underwent a powerful transformational journey that made her come into her true power. She is depicted as a homely woman, missing her left ear, wearing a head wrap to cover her wound.

Names: Obba

A.K.A: Saint Catherine of Siena

Colors: Brown, Opal and Coral

Numbers: 8

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