Babalu Aye

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Babalu Aye is one of the most beloved, worshipped and petitioned Orishas in our religion. He is the Orisha of small pox, contagious diseases and of healing. In many ways he has become the modern day patron of HIV/AIDS and other epidemics. His worship is shared with the Arara people of Africa. Babalu Aye's name was famous with the song Babalu and sung by Desi Arnaz in 1946. Babalu Aye is depicted as an old man covered in pox sores, walking on crutches and accompanied by two dogs.

Names: Babalu Aye, Babaluaye, Asojano A.K.A: Saint Lazarus Colors: White, blue, brown, and black Numbers:17

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