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Eleggua is the owner of the roads and doors in this world. He stands at the crossroads of the human and the divine, as he is the child - like messenger between the two worlds. Eleggua is the first and most important Orisha in Santeria. He is the owner of the crossroads, the witness of fate and acts as the connecting agent in this workd. Eleggua is often perceived as a trickster or impish child who tests our integrity. He has a very close relationship with the orisha of divination, Orunmila. Nothing can be done in either world without his permission. Eleggua is called first before any other orisha as he opens the door between the worlds and opens our roads in life.

Names: Eleggua, Elewa, Elegba

A.K.A: Saint Anthony

Colors: Red and Black

Numbers: 3 and 21

Prayer: Echu oba lona tosi gbogbo ona ire o ache

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