The Bruja Podcast: Kitchen Magic

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

What is a kitchen witch?

A kitchen witch is a witch who emphasizes cooking, food, and meal times in her magical practice. He/she is very familiar with kitchen herbs and ideally grows their own herbs, acknowledging the sacredness of food in his/her art.

1. Take a look around the kitchen. A wooden spoon is the quintessential kitchen witch wand.

A cast iron pot serves as your cauldron. A fancy wine glass may serve as your chalice.

2. Think of your spice rack as a little shelf of potions. The following spices are common in the art of the kitchen magic:









Look up the traditional meanings of your herbs and spices, then write them down in your journal or Book of Shadows for reference. Recognize the sacredness of making a meal. Food gives life and draws together loved ones. It nourishes the body and the soul. As a witch, you are not merely a cook, or even a chef. In the kitchen, you are a priestess. Treat your sacred duties with special respect (ex: charge your wooden spoon in the moon light).

4. Develop a personalized ritual before beginning your meal prep (Ex: Ritually cleanse your hands and then rub them with essential oils or light a specific candle before you begin).

5. Start with recipes you already know and make sure to treat family recipes like precious heirlooms. Your family recipes, especially the ones passed down from generation to generation, are a part of your heritage. They carry the power of your lineage (particularly when you want to call upon your ancestors for assistance). Use them wisely and carefully, particularly if there’s a meal that is special or sacred to your family tradition, really take the time to learn it.

7. The dining table is your altar and it requires different dressings at different times.

Seasonal and natural decorations like Summer wildflowers, winter evergreens, fall leaves are freely available and abundant in nature. Red or white candles, roses or a vase of cinnamon sticks add to an atmosphere of attraction and romance.

8. When you make food ritually, return any materials appropriate for composting to the earth. If you don’t keep a compost pile, simply bury them in the garden or the forest. This simple act reconnects you to the natural world in grace. Keep your compost pile simple and mundane, or go the extra step of leaving offerings to the spirits of your hearth and home.

9. Keep a handwritten recipe book. Give yourself the gift of a pretty blank book to keep kitchen witch spells in. Keep your kitchen witch practice close to the hearth and home. Record your experiments in the kitchen, take notes, draw pictures of herbs. Make it yours!

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