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Oshosi is the third member of the group known as the Guerreros or Warriors, and is received along with Eleggua, Ogun and Osun in order to protect the Guerreros initiate and to open and clear their roads. Oshosi is the hunter and the scout of the Orishas and assumed the role of enforcer of justice for Obatala with whom he has a very close relationship. Oshosi is the divine hunter whose arrow never misses its mark. He stalks silently through the forest hunting his pray. He is the force of blind justice that is applied equally to all. He is best friends with Eleggua and Ogun and is often found hunting with them.

Names: Ochosi, Ochossi, Oshosi

A.K.A: Saint Norbert

Colors: Blue and Amber/ Blue and yellow

Numbers: 3 and 7

Prayer: Ochosi ode mata oba akofa aye o unso ire o wa mi Ochosi omode ache

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