Oshun rules over the sweet waters of the world, the brooks, streams and rivers, embodying love and fertility. She also is the one we most often approach to aid us in money matters. She is the youngest of the female orishas but retains the title of lyalode or great queen. She heals with her sweet waters and with honey which she also owns. She is the femme fatale of the orishas and once saved the world by luring Ogun out of the forests using her feminine wiles. And in her path or manifestation of Ibu Ikole she saved the world from draught by flying up to heaven (turning into a vulture in the process). Ikole means Messenger of the House (of olodumare). For this reason, all who are to be initiated as priests, no matter what orisha rules their head, must go to the river and give account of what they are about to do. She recognizes herself in the colors yellow and gold and her number is five. Peacocks and vultures are hers and we use them often to represent her.

When Oshun gave birth to the Ibeji, they were the first twins born and she was stunned as a witch. She kicked the Ibeji but to reclaim her position in society. Oya took in the Ibjeji and raised them as their adoptive mother. The Ibeji are depicted as two young children or babies: one boy named Taiwo dressed in red, and one girl named Kehinde dressed in blue. While Kehinde was born second she is considered the elder of the two. Oshun is the Orisha of sweetness, love and beauty. She is the embodiment of feminine grace, and is flirtacious coquette. She is a generous and loving mother, but she can also quickly turn bitter if she is wronged. Once she is soured, she is unforgiving and unbending. Oshun can accomplish miracles untold.

She is the youngest of the orishas and isdepicted as a flirtacious, mixed-reace woman dressed in yellow, gazing in a mirror.

Names: Ochun, Oshun

A.K.A: Our Lady of Charity of Cobre

Colors: Yellow and Gold

Number: 5

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