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Witches have been marginalized and stigmatized as taboo. Since social norms have begun to shift around the way we approach our physical and spiritual well-being, the traces of ‘witchcraft’ woven through the history of science, specifically medicine, are becoming more evident. As a method of embracing my ancestral spirituality, through holistic health and wellness, I thought to myself: what’s the best witchy products out there? Do any of them exude the affinity I have for Afrocentrism, Afro-Feminism or Afrofuturism? As a response, Vondechii’s Vault sells a wide range of hand painted afro-centric and afro-futuristic visual art, inexpensive witchy products, witchy household goods and witchy accessories including:


White Sage Smudging Bundles

Yoni Steam Herbs

Palo Santo Smudge Sticks

Scented Buddha Shaped Candles

Scented Crystal Shaped Candles

Scented Honeycomb Shaped Candles

Rose Gold Horoscope Necklaces

Gold Horoscope Necklaces

Silver Horoscope Necklaces

Visual Art 

Hand Painted Chests

Enamel Pins

Facial Cleansers

Healing Crystals


Vondechii's Vault: 

A Wicked Concoction of Witchy Wellness, Public Health and Black Girl Magic

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