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Astrological Meaning Behind Planets!

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

  1. Sun : Basic personality, your ego, how you express your creativity, how acquaintances and friends get to know you, your father.

  2. Moon : The more private aspect of your personality, your emotions, how you express your sensitivity, the most intimate part of you, how your family knows you. Your mother, your childhood.

  3. Mercury : Communication, how you process information, how you think, speech patterns, sense of humor, your wit, your siblings

  4. Venus : Love & Relationships, how you relate to others socially, how you show affection to others, your charm, your beauty standards, what you find attractive in others, the women you attract in your life.

  5. Mars : Drive, ambition, stamina, will power, what your goals are and how you achieve them, how you show your passion, how you react when you’re angry, how you express yourself sexually, the men you attract in your life.

  6. Jupiter : Philosophy, religion, higher-level of thinking, luck, how you express your faith, how you “trust”, what your life purpose is, where you get your lucky breaks, how you experience prosperity.

  7. Saturn : Authority, time, karma, limitations, methodical planning, how you ground yourself, your fears, where you feel weakest, you responsibilities, your commitments, how you have to focus, how you must improve.

  8. Uranus : Technology, change, enlightenment, novelty, chaos, description, intuition, how you express your individualism, how you’re erratic and unpredictable, how you need your independence, how you need to break boundaries

  9. Neptune : Dreams, illusion, spirituality, sensitivity, art, cinema, media, glamour, how you express your idealism and imagination how you feel disappointment, the mysterious, the unclear, the undefinable.

  10. Pluto : Personal power, transformation, where you’re both self-destructive and creative, how you face power struggles, and upheaval, how you regenerate, how you heal.

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