Crystals That Can & Cannot Be Submerged In Water

Updated: May 22

Crystals are a combination of various minerals, and some of the minerals in harder crystals will still get damaged if being left in water for long periods of time.

So, what crystals should not be put in water? 

Any crystal that is a 5 or below on the Mohs harness scale should not be put in water. These crystals dissolve or crack if left in water for an extended amount of time. Some harder crystals should also be kept out of water. These include crystals that contain minerals that can rust or can release toxins in water. 

What is the Mohs Hardness Scale? 

The Mohs Hardness scale is a scale from 1-10 that tests the hardness of certain minerals by testing the resistance of those minerals. This is done by using two minerals together, and seeing which mineral either scratches the other causing damage, and which one sustains damage. The harder the mineral, the higher on the Mohs Hardness scale it is. 

This scale is relevant when looking at crystals and their water tolerance because the softer the material, the more likely it is to be damaged by water. These are crystals that fall below 5 on the Mohs scale, and the closer to 0 they are, the more sensitive to water they usually are. 

Hard Crystals that are Safe in Water:

Clear Quartz


Smoky Quartz

Rose Quartz


Snow Quartz




Tiger’s Eye

Stones that cannot be washed with water:

1. Fluorite

2. Black Tourmaline

3. Aquamarine


5. Pyrite

6. Ruby

7. Moonstone

8. Lapis Lazuli

9. Flourite

10. Amazonite

11. Desert Rose (I just found this out and I’m glad I did because I have one!)

12. Gypsum

13. Talc (just don’t do it)

14. Calcite

15. Angelite

16. Malachite (Really soft, massively toxic in water, even touching the water it’s in is dangerous itself!)

17. Any crystal containing Copper!

18. Selenite

19. Celestine 

20. Amber

21. Imperial Topaz

22. Red Coral

23. Fire Opal



26. Azurite

27. Kyanite

28. Kunzite

29. Pyrite

30. Lepidolite

31. Jasper

32. Chrysocolla

33. Hematite

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