Meditate and Manifest Different Intentions during Different Times of The Day

Updated: Mar 7

Dawn: Spells for study, business, employment, healing and travel. Performs rituals of purification and to bless new beginnings. Renewal, rebirth, new ideas, beauty, cleansing, new energies.

Morning: Goal setting, preparing, potions, luck, herbal craft, intuition, justice, intelligence

Noon: Spells of strength, courage, protection, success, opportunity and money issues. Wealth, career, motivation, confidence and kitchen magic.

Sunset: Spells for release, letting go of illness, heart break and failure. Banish misery and pain. Perform rituals for breaking additions and negative habits

Night: Spells to enhance self development. Psychic dreams and awareness, divination and spirituality, love, peace, healing of old wounds, and releasing stress.

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