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Moon Charged Rose Water

Roses range in colors and different colors of rose carry different meanings. White rose represents innocence and purity, meanwhile yellow roses symbolizes friendship.

Pink and red roses are often a symbol of romance, love, gratitude, grace, joy, and admiration which is why I chose to conjure a rose water elixir made from pink rose petals.

Pink Roses aid in developing psychic knowledge, increase intuition, bring in luck and as a form of protection. Although its magical properties may not be scientifically proven, there is historical evidence that roses were looked highly upon throughout history. In Ancient Egypt, roses were viewed as sacred flowers and were found to have been buried in Egyptian tombs as an offering to the goddess Isis.

Roses are also said to have medicinal value. They are able to help in strengthening the immune system, reduce symptoms of insomnia, depression, anxiety, and help reduce menstrual cramps.

Although rose water is not for ingestion, there is such a thing as edible rose petals, which contain Vitamin C, minerals, tannic acid, and antioxidants. When ingested, it can help to control blood flow, digestion, bile secretion, prevent diarrhea, and even help in absorption of iron.

Moon Charged Rose Water can be used by as an offering to yourself during a sacred bath and/or a sacred shower, as you cleanse yourself before engaging in any spiritual work or meditation. Moon Charged Rose Water will balm you with the kinetic energies harnessed during a whole lunar cycle, infusing a loving healing balm over you. Due to the charge from rose quartz, Moon Charged Rose Water will purify your spiritual instruments and the hands that will prepare themselves to use those instruments for spiritual work and craft. As you douse yourself, your spiritual instrument and/or your hands with Moon Charged Rose Water ask your ancestors and spirit guides for their blessing to receive the psychic knowledge, the intuition, the luck, the protection, the power, love, gratitude, grace, admiration and joy that you’re harnessing from the elixir. Then, after patting wet areas dry with your altar cloth, proceed and the begin to engage in your spiritual work and witch craft.

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