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Natural Hair Care Regimen

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Tip 1: Cleanse your hair weekly or bi-weekly. (1) However, this may change from person to person; you may opt for washing your hair once a week or even twice a month. (1) Those who co-wash their natural hair using a traditional conditioner should cleanse their hair at least once a week with shampoo, in order to remove grime as well as residue from hair products such as daily styling products. (1)

Tip 2: Condition weekly. (1) Curly hair craves moisture. (1) Conditioning your hair is the best way to replenish and hydrate your strands from moisture loss. (1) Be sure to condition at least once a week, focus on any dry areas, especially the ends where your hair is the driest. (1)

Tip 3: Detangle your hair. (1) A good conditioner will leave your curls feeling soft, quenched, and well prepared for the detangling process. (1) You may opt to detangle while the conditioner is still in your hair as it helps to provide slip, making the detangling process that much easier. (1) Gently work through the knots using a wide-toothed comb. (1) If you don’t have a wide-toothed comb, use your fingers and don’t substitute for a fine comb as it will create tension and may lead to pulling out some of your precious curls. (1)

Tip 4: Apply deep conditioner or a hair mask. (1) For an added boost of conditioning, you’ll need to add natural hair treatments into your routine. (1) You can simply apply a deep conditioner or hair mask after your conditioning process, or in lieu of it. (1) Deep conditioners and hair masks help nourish and restore your curls. (1) Many deep conditioning treatments help prevent frizz since they penetrate the hair cuticle, helping define curls and hydrate the hair. (1) Many leave-in treatments and conditioners provide slip as they moisturize and make it easy to detangle, while keeping ringlets intact. (1)

Tip 5: Style weekly or as needed. (1) There are many different natural hair tips for styling, so it’s best to stick with what you’re comfortable with if you want to keep it simple. (1)Wash and go, twist out, braid out, bantu knots, space buns, high puff, try it! (1) Make sure to use an oil-based product or oils during the take-down process of your braids or twists or while styling the hair to prevent any unwanted frizz. (1)

Tip 6: Moisturize and seal daily or as needed. (1) Water isn’t always your friend when it comes to moisturizing dry natural hair, since it can actually dry out your hair even more (leaving it weak and brittle). Seal hair moisture in with an oil, which helps trap in the moisture. (1)



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