Raises & Promotions

Updated: Jan 9

Raises & Promotions:

Get that Promotion

1. Make your boss’ job easier.

2. Work on your communication skills.

3. Ask how you can improve.

4. Be nice.

5. Recognize others.

6. Don’t be afraid to tell your manager that you want a promotion.

7. Bring in revenue.

8. Pay attention to others that have been promoted.

9. Become more resilient.

10. Create value wherever you can.

11. Look at Comparable Moves

12. Take an Unflinching Inventory of Your Contributions

13. If You Decide To Wait It Out, at Least Have the Talk

14. Set a Deadline, and Do Your Best

15. Close the gap between your current and future skillset requirements

16. Show Pride in Your Work

17. Avoid Office Politics and Gossip

18. Display Commitment

19. Demonstrate That You Can Solve Client Problems

20. Attract and Manage Great Talent

8 mistakes to avoid if you are trying to get promoted:

1. Burning yourself out

2. Thinking “me vs them”

3. Giving an ultimatum

4. Keeping your struggles a secret

5. Selling your promotion with a sob story

6. Applying for roles that don’t suit you

7. Blabbing about your promotion

8. Posting the wrong thing on social media

5 signs you might be getting promoted:

1. You’re getting more work

2. You’re being asked to train someone

3. Your boss asks about your goals

4. You’re being invested in

5. You’re asked to sit in on interviews

Why is it important to ask for a raise?

• Boosts your self-esteem

• Shows your work ethic

• Helps you grow your career

How to ask for a raise:

1. Choose an appropriate time to ask

2. Research salary trends

3. Schedule a meeting

4. Prepare what to say

5. Treat the discussion seriously

6. Be ready for questions

7. Thank your manager

8. Choose an appropriate time to ask

• The financial health of the company

• Your manager's workload

• The time of year

• Your recent achievements

9. Research salary trends

10. Schedule a meeting

11. Prepare what to say

12. Treat the discussion seriously

13. Be ready for questions

14. Thank your manager


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