The Different Meanings Behind The Color Of An Orb

Updated: Mar 6

White to Silver: Pure energy, high frequency, strength, new power. A visiting spirit showing peace and harmony and love.

Pinks: Openness, Compassion, affection, love. A spirit trying to contact a loved one.

Reds: High energy, creative, restlessness, stress, pain, anger. May be a restless spirit.

Oranges: Comfort, healing energy, motivation, hope, strength, courage. May be a spirit of good fortune.

Yellows: Pay attention, notice, caution, insight. A yellow orb is usually a warning from a spirit.

Gold: Fire flowing energy, tolerance, just passing by, good luck, happiness. A gold orb is usually a passing, happy spirit.

Greens: Natural healing, communication, psychic. A green orb is spirit who was happy in life, that is visiting or sending healing energy.

Blues: Tranquility, protection, intuition. A blue orb is a spirit watching over you and sending protective energy.

Purples: At peace, forgiveness, wisdom, spiritual. A purple orb is a spirit showing peace and forgiveness.

Browns or Blacks: Connection to earth, insecure, tortured, trapped, depression. A Brown or Black orb is a spirit from an unhappy spirit stuck in the earth plane.

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