The Different Methods of Cleansing

Updated: Jul 13

1. Moonlight: The moon represents your crystals with Yin energy flow during a moon bath. A strong Full Moon will last for 3 days. Your crystals will still get the love even if its cloudy or rainy, although make sure that those crystals on the Mohs scale are brought back in if you get some rain.

2. Clear Crystal or Amethyst Cluster: Clear crystal quartz clusters and amethyst clusters are also effective for clearing the energies of healing stones. Simply place your stones on them overnight to clear them.

3. Selenite Slab: Placing your crystals on a slab of Selenite (aka Satin Selenite) or Selenite wands. Selenite aligns your chakras, help with physical pain, the spine, NEVER needs cleaning (although they don't mind smudging or moon beams once in a while) and clears other stones! Leave your crystals on selenite wands on slabs anywhere fro 10 minutes to overnight.

4. Flower Petal Bath: 24 Hour bath of rose petals, orange blossoms or honey suckle to strip away negativity, cleanses crystals and transmit the purity and energy of the flowers to the stone. Whatever flowers you use will transmit their properties to the stones.

5. Sound Cleansing: Crystal or Tibetan bowls. Tibetan/tingsha bells, drums, other percussion, sacred singing and incantations, healing music (including harmonies ceremonial/classical music or the soft eggio frequencies) or you can run activated tuning forks over them. Make sure your crystals are in the sound pathway and you're good to go.

6. Soil: Bury your crystals in the earth. Mother Nature recharges the stones with her vibrational energy.

7. Running Water: Go under cool, flowing water like to a lake, spring, river, or your shower. Water is a universal cleanser of denser energies from physical forms, from crystals to your own body.

8. Salt Water Soak: In a glass container, pour 3 Tablespoons of salt to a cup of water. Place this glass container filled with salt and water on your window sill to charge with moon energy overnight. Then add this water to your bath to harness the cleansing moon energy to balm you.

9.Sunlight: Great for regenerating inner spiritual strength, energy, and mental stimulation. Make sure to use sun screen!

** Remember, when a healing crystal breaks on you, it has completed its work with you and its job is down. Thank it for its service and love and return it to the earth by burying it. **

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