Vondechii's Vault: The Meaning Behind Astrological Terms

Updated: 6 days ago

  1. Chiron :Your deepest pain, where you feel inadequate, your personal sound, where you overcompensate, how you can heal others.

  2. Ascendant/Rising Sign (1st House) : How you first come across to people, your facial expression, your mannerisms, your appearance, how you initially approach things, your view on life.

  3. 2nd House: Your self-esteem, your resources and possessions, your wealth, your income, your talents, your values and morals.

  4. 3rd House :Your observation and analysis skills, your thinking skills, your basic education, your curiosity, short trips, your local community and neighborhood.

  5. Imum Code/IC (4th House) : Latin for “bottom of the sky”. Your home, your family, your traditions, your history, where you feel the most comfortable, the most private part of your personality.

  6. 5th House: Self Expression, creativity, recreation, drama, art, writing, romance, romance and dating, your children or your attitude towards them.

  7. 6th House : How you serve others, your workplace, everyday routine, small pets, your health and how you maintain it, your organization and schedule.

  8. Descendant (7th House) : One-on-one partnerships, traits and characteristics you seek in others, business partnerships, marriage, open enemies, competitors, roommates.

  9. 8th House : Intimacy, transformation, how you let certain parts of yourself “die” of “fade away”, how you reform, how you restore the give and take of control.

  10. 9th House : The higher truth, higher- education, traveling to foreign lands, learning about new culture or ways of life, enlightenment, looking at the bigger picture.

  11. Medium Coeli/ Mid Heaven (10th House) : Latin for “middle of the sky”. Your aspirations in life, your goals, your career, who you want to be, your reputation, what the public views you as.

  12. 11th House : Your hopes and dreams, your friends, your acquaintances, how you network, humanitarian concerns, philanthropy, ideals you seek to live by

  13. 12th House : Your secret motives, your hidden agendas, self-sacrifice, co-dependence, serving others, healing, hidden knowledge, hidden personality, spirituality

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