• Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Bundles Step#1: Hold one end of your Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Bundle, as you light the other end of your Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Bundle over a low open flame for 20-45 seconds. Once the tip (and only the tip) your Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Bundle is smoldering with fire, gently blow off the flames and move the Sage Bundle side to side in the air, until all the flames are out and the Sage Bundle begins to produce smoke (begins to smudge). Step#2: Open a window, for air ventilation. Make sure to maintain proper air ventilation for the duration of the time that the White Sage bundle producing smoke, (the time you will be smudging). Also make sure to get an ash tray or a small bowl to catch any burning embers and ashes from the Sage Bundle as you smudge. Step#3: Once your Sage Bundle begins to produce smoke, slowly walk around your surroundings, anointing each corner of the room you are in by pausing for a few moments at a point of the room you are standing in. Pointing your sage bundle at each corner of the room (standing 1-2 feet away from the walls/corners (letting the smoke linger for a few seconds at the corners). As the smoke is filling and purifying the area around you, visualize negative energy being cleansed away from your surroundings for a few second and continue smudging to the next corner until you have smudged (cleansed) all corners of the room you are in. Make sure to focus on your visualizations as your cleansing and manifesting positive vibes with the lit Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Bundle, intention is everything! Step#4: Place the smoldering tip/end of your White Sage Bundle on top of an ashtray or inside of a bowl (laying on the edge of the bowl), with the lit part facing downwards in the middle of the bowl or ashtray until it goes out. Step#5: Make sure to the Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Bundle is completely out before storing it away. Step#6: Reuse by relighting your bundle until you have less than one inch of Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Bundle left. When your sage bundle is down to less than one inch, it’s time to get a new Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Bundle. Burning Vondechii's Vault White Sage Bundles is a powerful ritual. The ritual of sage burning has its roots in Native American tradition. Today, people burn sage and other holy herbs to cleanse a space or environment of negative energy, to generate wisdom and clarity, and to promote healing. Salvia apiana, the white sage, bee sage, or sacred sage, is an evergreen perennial shrub that is native to the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico, found mainly in Southern California and Baja California. The whitish evergreen leaves have oils and resins that release a strong aroma when rubbed. The flowers are very attractive to bees, which is described by the specific epithet, apiana. Product Dimensions: Height: 1.5 inchesWidth: 1.5 inchesLength: 4.5 inchesWeight: 0.87 oz Each Vondechii’s Vault White Sage Smudging Bundle is $35.00

    White Sage Smudging Bundle (1)

    • All White Sage Smudging Bundles have a restocking fee when returned by customer, which is 35% of item price.


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